Intravenous and Intra-muscular Therapies

Advantages of IV administration of vitamins and minerals:

1. IV administration is the most efficient way of delivering nutrients directly in the blood stream and carried straight to your cells
2. IV administration can achieve high blood concentration of nutrients that can never be reached if nutrients are taken orally
3. The bioavailability of orally taken vitamins and minerals is dependent on:
• The content of nutrients in food
• Optimal digestion
• Optimal Absorption
4. The mineral and vitamin deficiencies can be corrected very fast with intravenous. administration. This results in significant and almost instantaneous improvement in energy levels and wellbeing.
5. The formulation, quality and purity of the intravenous preparations are strictly controlled.
6. 100% certainty that the patient gets the full dose.
Very often the required blood and cellular concentrations of nutrients cannot be achieved due to:
• Poor quality of food
• Lack of gastric acid and digestive enzymes
• Abnormal gut flora
• Stress

There is no such risk with intravenous administration.

At the Diet4Shape Clinic the intravenous injections are administered following rigorous and clinically proven protocols. We have great experience with intravenous nutrient administration and have had great success in improving several conditions.
We do however recommend our patients to undergo a series of comprehensive tests to measure the specific nutritional status and the toxicity level of our patients and perform a targeted and precise supplementation.

At our clinic we can perform the following tests:

1. Oligoscan mineral status
2. Oligoscan toxic metal status
3. Full hormonal assessment
4. Vitamin levels
5. Oxidative damage markers and anti-oxidant status
6. Amino-acid and Fatty acids levels
7. Gut: digestion, absorption, gut flora and gut wall integrity
8. Methylation profile

Main indications for intravenous injections:

• Cold &Flu
• Fatigue states
• Gastro-intestinal disease: celiac, Crohn’s disease, colitis, pancreatitis, malabsorbtion syndromes
• Gastro-intestinal surgery
• Cancer patients
• Alcoholism
• Chronic kidney disease
• Major burns
• Major infections
• Fibromyalgia

Diet4Shape Injectable Menu:

1. Nutrients & Trace Elements :Magnesium, zinc, selenium
2. Anti-oxidant :glutathione, alpha-lipoic acid
3. Vitamin C
4. Myers cocktails
5. B vitamins
6. B12 Injections
7. Fe infusions
8. Vitamin D3


1. Diet4Shape Fat loss injections – choline, methionine, inositol, B vitamins, Chromium and B12
2. Diet4Shape Cold and Flu iv – rehydration, Iv Vit C, Multi B vitamins, zinc and selenium
3. Diet4Shape Iv Glutathione – the most important anti-oxidant of the body, prevents us from “rusting”, detoxifies, cancer and cardiovascular protection.
4. Diet4Shape glowing skin iv cocktail
5. Diet4Shape migraine iv cocktail
6. Diet4Shape chemotherapy and radiotherapy iv
7. Diet4Shape customized iv drip to correct deficiencies revealed by your testing.

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