How to inject HCG

How to inject HCG is not daunting –

Whilst self injecting may seem daunting to many people once you realise that the process is easy and painless you overcome this fear quickly.


How to inject HCG is Simple-

Firstly screw cap off at the plunger end of the needle.

Wipe your stomach area with alcohol wipe and also the top of the bottle where you insert the needle.

Take orange cap of your needle and put in the bottle tip bottle and slowly draw up to 25ml.

You then pinch your stomach and put the needle in at a 25-30 degree angle and plunge slowly. This is referred to as subcutaneous which means you are injecting into the fat not muscle. You should be approximately 5cm away from your belly button.  Alternate sides on the next day.

I found it easier to do standing up but you may find easier to do sitting. You may bruise slightly or get a red welt but this will subside in a couple of hours.


That’s it how to inject HCG

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