At home on HCG with a family or partner

At home on HCG with family or a partner


Ok are we up for the challenge or course you are! You have already made the commitment to go on HCG to lose weight so you are already there in your mind.

Secret to success on HCG is to be prepared and organised with your food in-take. have your portions ready and measured. Plan your meals ahead.

If cooking for your partner or family it is  easy, you can just double their quantities and they can eat the same food with you. You may need to add a few carbohydrates for them add a baked potato or a bread roll if you wish.

You will find that you won’t crave these foods after the first week so don’t let it worry you beforehand. Remember your partner is going to support you.

With small children at home of course their foods will be different and in some cases you will not be able to adapt your meals to theirs. So I would suggest that you prepare your meals separately or in advance and eat with them or eat at a different time.

If this seems daunting – remember it is only for a 3-6 week period and is an invetment in your health and quality of life. Most partners and families are more than happy to support you – and in many cases the partner is our next candidate  for HCG ,when they see the results.





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