Healthy eating = Low HI (Low Human Interference)

 I want to loose wweight fast and continue healthy eating

Depending on whom you speak to, Healthy Eating is different for everyone and can mean any number of things. Low sugar, low GI, low GL, low chemical, low fat, high fat, high protein, vegetarian, vegan, raw, paleo, primal, and the list goes on.

To limit the confusion, I like to think of the best food choices being Low HI (Low Human Interference). Therefore, as close to what nature intended, before industrialization, hybridization, processing and the addition of more chemicals than most of us have any concept of.

This style of eating also limits many (not all) potential allergens, immune system irritants, empty calories, and digestive challengers. At the same time, it supports and increases nutrient intake and absorption, protein, fibre, hydration, and much-needed ‘good’ fats.

The foods encouraged allow the body to;

· cleanse and detoxify

· reduce or even stop food cravings

· balance blood sugar and insulin response

· decrease body fat levels

· regulate digestion and gastrointestinal function

· positively impact mental function and emotional stability

· support and improve muscle mass (when combined with appropriate exercise and lifestyle adaptations)

Don’t be concerned, you will not miss out on any important nutrients by removing most processed foods from your diet. In fact, quite the opposite! The most important piece of this experience for you is to venture outside of your standard food choices (eating ‘comfort zone’) and / or learn to love a broader, cleaner, leaner, variety of wholefoods.

Start taking more notice of What you are actually putting into your body. Focus on what you CAN choose to eat and increase your Real Food Intake. Notice how you FEEL – the usual ‘side effects’ are lighter, leaner, more toned, with higher energy levels, better concentration and a renewed zest for doing the things in life you love.

When you construct your plate, a protein serve is the size and thickness of your palm. The rest of your plate should be a rainbow of vegetables with a maximum of ¼ that is starchy. Aim to eat at some raw food every day, therefore salads, fruit, green smoothies, green juices, sashimi, nuts, etc. Raw foods are high vitality & super high nutrient concentration for your body easily absorb and use!

Foods to Enjoy;

Proteins –

· Beef, lamb, kangaroo, chicken, duck, turkey, fresh fish, shellfish, eggs (free range or organic if possible), whey or vegan (quinoa, pea, brown rice, sacha inchi) protein powders to supplement if needed

Dairy – Organic where possible and only if absolutely no reactivity

· Milk, grass fed butter or ghee, natural yogurt, cheeses

Vegetables – No limits on non-starchy choices

· Everything (except corn – it’s a grain, not a vegetable) however, best to avoid most canned products.

· Focus on mostly non-starchy vegetables but feel free to add sweet potato, beetroot, carrots or other root vegetables once per day at around 1/2cup per serve.

Fruit – Maximum 1-2 pieces/serves daily

· Fresh or frozen (preferably keep dried fruit to a bare minimum, or occasional snack due to excessive sugar content and blood sugar impact)

· No.1 choice is berries of any kind

· Lemons and limes have multiple benefits in the body – use as dressings, to flavor water, or in salads

· Keep bananas and mangoes as a special treat due to sugar / carbohydrate content unless in a green smoothie where this impact is minimised

Good Fats –

· Avocado, Olive Oil (cold on salads), Macadamia Oil, Grass Fed Ghee or Butter, Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil (cold on salads), raw nuts & seeds (not peanuts)

Legumes – For Vegetarians and Vegans

· Beans, chickpeas, lentils – if no allergies, digestive issues or insulin problems

Grains – Only once weight / bodyfat goal is reached, and maximum 30gm daily

· If no insulin issues

· Amaranth, buckwheat, quinoa, rice (brown, red, black, wild), millet

· Flour alternatives (almond meal, coconut flour, arrowroot, brown rice flour, buckwheat flour) for cooking only

Foods to Avoid;

· Anything processed!

· Anything with Added Sugar or high fruit content.

· Grains – 95% of the time, if not 100% – you don’t need them

· Legumes – unless Vegetarian or Vegan

· GLUTEN – as much as you possibly can

Although we will provide a list of foods for you, each patient is individually assessed and monitored. A personalized eating and lifestyle plan will be developed for you with your needs, wants, and preferences taken into consideration. To ensure you are best able to achieve your goals, your plan will be adjusted along the way to fit your personal requirements.


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