HCG Supplements

HCG Supplements

Importance of taking the HCG supplements during the HCG medical weight loss program

The fat tissue is a major storage place for the toxins that enter the body. When exposed to high doses of environmental toxins such as dioxins, pesticides, toxic industrial chemicals etc., the body will make fat in order to be able to store these toxic products. This may in part explain why we do have an obesity epidemic.

The liver is the major detoxification organ. It processes the fat soluble toxins into water soluble and then eliminates them in the urine or faeces. If the intestinal transit is slow (constipation), the toxins are re-circulated back to the liver. This increases the toxic load that will in turn be responsible for ill health, cognitive impairment, endocrine disruption and cancers.

During the HCG medical weight loss program it is essential to have:

  1. A healthy, well-functioning and well supported liver. We supply a good mix of vitamins, amino-acids and minerals that will help the liver function well through both phases of detoxification. These supplements have to be taken for a week prior to start the HCG injections to ensure that the liver is well supplied and ready to work efficiently.
  1. A healthy, well-functioning gut, able to eliminate the degradation products and the toxins. A good probiotic and a combination of digestive enzymes are supplied in the program.
  1. A healthy, well-functioning urinary tract.  It is very important to drink a large quantity of water and herbal teas during the program. The toxins elimination is increased when the urine is alkaline. Fresh lemon squeezed in a large glass of water will help to alkalize the urine.
  1. A healthy skin. Maximize sweating by skin exfoliation and sauna if available. Epson salt baths will also enhance the detoxification.

The supplements that are supplied in the program aim to ensure that the above 4 conditions are met.


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