HCG Step By Step

1 Contact us and make an appointment with Dr Bitlan 

2 Bring with you recent blood work(no older than 1 year)if available

3 Attend the medical appointment. This appointment takes approximately half an hour .

The objectives are:

  • To assess your suitability for the Diet4Shape program
  • To evaluate your current state of health
  • To identify the causes of weight gain or inability to lose weight
  • To identify the excess weight co-morbidities
  • To establish the weight loss goal and create a plan of action
  • To discuss any concerns that you may have

Subsequent course of action depends on individual circumstances. Some patients may be able to start the program immediately while others may need to have blood tests prior to the commencement of the diet plan.

4 Once the patients have started the program they are reviewed every 10 days by the nurse and the doctor. There is open phone and email communication with the clinic throughout the program and we guarantee that any question is answered within 24 hours.

5 At the end of the injection/low calorie diet stage patients are reviewed and measured and then they are moved to the stabilization protocol. We put high emphasis on the stabilization stage of the program and very precise, individualised nutrition plan is prescribed. The stabilization stage takes 6 weeks and typically we see our patients in the beginning, in the middle and at the end.

The patients that need more than one course of HCG will re-start the program after 6 weeks of stabilization.

During the stabilization stage, we work with our patients to address and correct the causes of weight gain. Additional testing may be required.

Our team of professionals can provide dietary and exercise advice as well as counselling regarding mindful eating.


It is our mission:

  • To help people to lose weight
  • To maintain the weight loss
  • To teach lifelong healthy living skills
  • To help people become and stay healthy






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