HCG Free Food Choices and Tips

Sautéing Garlic and Onions

Did you know you can do this in water or stock. Just chop finely and put in a non stick pan and sauté until clear for  2-4 minutes. Then add the rest of your ingredients to make your meal.

Kale chips

Are a good alternative for a snack wash and dry properly if you have a salad spinner it’s an easy to dry them. Pop them on a baking tray covered with baking paper and put in an over 170 degrees for 4 to 6 minutes you need to watch as they burn easily. Then sprinkle some herb salt of flavouring on them


Slim Pasta


This is made from Konjac only 10 calories a packet you can buy from the Supermarket or in health food stores.


Psyllium husks

Wicked trick of all especially if you are missing your schnitzel. Mix with herbs and coat your chicken and dry fry in a non-stick pan.


A nice Tipple

Soda water with fresh limes add some edible flowers if you want to be fancy or a couple of blueberries.  It’s your HCG cocktail.


Using Chinese steamer basket

Line it with baking paper that you have run under the tap and scrunched up. This will keep your food you are steaming moist.


Non stick cookware or Stone cookware

This is must and you don’t need fancy cookware you get buy Stone cookware at reasonable prices from Big W. Personally I use Stonedine cookware nothing sticks, you need no oil, food cooks without any toxic chemicals or flavourings from the pan coatings going through your food.  I use nothing else and it browns your food as well.


Read food labels

Get in habit of reading food labels you will be surprised the differences from one brand to the other. Foods that are advertising low in fat are more often than not very high in sugar.


Sugar substitute you can buy at any supermarket or health food store.


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