HCG Diet and Eating out

How am I going to go to a restuarant while on HCG?  Organised is the key!  Whilst this isn’t the easiest mission it is more than achievable and manageable.


Eating out while doing the HCG program


Whilst this isn’t the easiest mission it is more than achievable. Your friends and family will support you while on the program so it is a matter of choosing where to go that you can have food choices that fit with your program. If your friends have picked the restaurant look up their menu on the internet to see if there is something that will adapt to your program so you know what to order in advance. These days all restaurants and cafes are happy to adapt to your needs.

You will have to watch out for portion size so if you order and its over your allowances remember you can’t eat it all.

Also remind yourself you are only on the diet for a short amount of time compared to all other diets so a little sacrifice is worth it.


Some options:

Japanese: Order a small Sashimi plate and a green tea.

Pub: Ask for grilled white fish and salad with no dressing and a soda water with lemon or lime.

Cafe: Eggwhite omelette with spinach and a black coffee or herbal tea.

Buffet: Choose the salad bar.


Alternatively invite your friends over to home and cook within your limits and just increase their quantities.


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