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What is HCG?

HCG FAQ Answer:

HCG is a hormone made by the placenta of pregnant women.
During pregnancy it ensures that the baby gets a constant food
supply from maternal fat stores.

How does HCG Diet WORK?

HCG Diet FAQ Answer:

HCG works on the hypothalamus which is the area of the brain that
controls the automatic animal functions.

The hypothalamus acts as a “fat bank “co-ordinating the fat storing and fat
withdrawal from deposits. It also controls the thirst, hunger and satiety.
Obesity and abnormal fat accumulation can be seen as a specific hypothalamic

HCG is treating this deficiency, transforming the body abnormal fat bank into a
normal, healthy one.

The HCG assists the removal of stored fat while sparing lean muscle. It only targets
the “abnormal fat” and not the normal or structural fat which is targeted by most
starvation and low calorie diets.

HCG is not a sex hormone; its action is identical in women, men and children.

However, during the HCG weight loss program men are expected to lose more weight
than women due to their higher muscle mass as well as the testosterone stimulating
action of HCG.

Likewise younger women who have a faster metabolic rate will lose more than
postmenopausal women.

HCG is also used in other medical treatments.
For women, HCG therapy is used to treat infertility as it promotes egg
maturation and stimulation of ovulation. In men it stimulates the production of testosterone.

How does Diet4Shape Prescribe HCG

HCG Diet FAQ Answer:

Diet4Shape prescribes HCG Off Label. The Dr will cover in detail the reasons we prescribe HCG Off Label and
obtain the patient’s consent for this manner of prescription.

The doses we use are 1/10th of those prescribed for On Label prescriptions and are very safe.

The prescription will only be given to the patient pending a series of evaluations that the Doctor will carry out including :

Physical evaluation
Eating habit evaluation
Appropriate blood tests returning results that satisfy the Doctor that the patient is a suitable candidate for HCG

What is Off Label Prescribing

HCG Diet FAQ Answer:

Off-label prescribing occurs when a drug is prescribed for an indication, a route of administration, or a patient group that is not included in the approved product information document for that drug.

Prescribing off label is unavoidable and very common, especially if your practice includes children, pregnant women or palliative care. Off-label prescribing means that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has not approved the indication, route of administration or patient group. It does not mean that the TGA has rejected the indication. Commonly the TGA has not been asked to evaluate the indication.
Source: NPS Medicinewise

Why does Diet4Shape prescribe HCG Off label

HCG Diet FAQ Answer:

In our many hundreds of experiences with the HCG Diet, Diet4Shape has found it to be an effective, safe and free from any side effects, when the program is correctly followed by the patient.

The doses prescribed are about 1/10th of those for On label prescriptions and our clinical evaluations of our patients have been excellent.

The results of these programs has been satisfying our patients for over 2 years

What if I don’t want to take HCG Off label

HCG Diet FAQ Answer:

Diet4Shape will happily provide a tailored program  that excludes the HCG for patients who would prefer to avoid the HCG component.

These programs would be developed with our doctors’ extensive fellowship studies with the A4M (Amercian anti-ageing foundation), A5M (Australian anti-ageing foundation) and the Obesity foundation.

History of HCG

HCG Diet FAQ Answer:

HCG was first used in weight loss in 1950s based on its ability to mobilize nutrition
from maternal fat cells to the baby.

In 1950′s and 1960′s Dr A.T. Simeons , MD treated obese men and non-pregnant
women with small doses of HCG while placing them on a diet of only 500 calories
daily for 6 weeks.
The results were staggering:
• the average fat loss was half a kilogram/day.
• People lost centimeters around the belly, hips and thighs and their figures
became normal.
• There were no significant symptoms one would expect from a patient on very low
calorie diet: hunger pangs, cravings, weakness etc.
• There was no quick weight rebound as in other quick weight loss diets; in fact follow
ups at 8 months and 1 year showed that most people maintained the weight loss.

HCG Side Effects
During the program some patients may experience mild headaches or exacerbation of
migraine headaches, mild dizziness, irritability, irregular menses and occasional
bruising at injection site. These side effects are reversible. The majority of patients
do not experience any side effects.

People suffering from heart disease, cancer, kidney disease, asthma, chronic
obstructive lung disease, seizures should not be treated with HCG.

 5 most frequently asked questions about the “ Low calories diet + daily HCG “

1. Can I live on 500 calories/day without being excessively hungry or low in energy?

A: The most surprising and amazing fact about the 500 calories/day diet and daily HCG is that if done properly
(as per recommendations) most people experience little hunger whereas the energy levels stay high enabling
people to work efficiently and perform well in their daily commitments.

The secret is to take the supplements, and stay on the low calories diet. This is a signal for the HCG to start
breaking the fat deposits. The presence of fat in the blood stream will signal to the hypothalamus that the
body has enough nutrients and to shut down the hunger signal.

2. Do I need to take the supplements?

A: There is no caveat to this: it is a MUST if you want the diet to work. The carnitine will help the body to
break down the fat. The amino-acids will prevent the muscle wasting. The vitamins and nutrients will
help prevent the body becoming weak and will support the liver to neutralize and eliminate the toxins
stored and then released when the fat tissue is broken down.

Do not skip the supplements. It is perhaps the most common mistake that people make. It is true that
it may appear inconvenient to take supplements 3 times a day (although we generally do not forget to
eat 3 (and often more) times a day. Some people are repelled by the thought of taking the capsules. As
an alternative the capsules may be emptied in a glass and taken with lemonated water.

3. Will I be able to inject myself ?

A: The daily HCG injections are given with a very fine needle in the abdominal fat. They are painless
and there is no bleeding. Hundreds of people that we have treated had no problems injecting themselves
although initially they were skeptical about actually doing it.

4.Will HCG upset my hormones?

A: Occasionally during the HCG diet the cycle may become irregular and menstrual bleeding may occur
earlier. This is a transient effect of no long term consequence.

5. When I lose weight will my face become sunken ?

A: Because the HCG only targets the abnormal visceral fat deposits, there will not be facial sagging as
a result of the diet.

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