Diet4Shape HCG Protocol

People wishing to follow our HCG Protocol program must commit to the following:

  1. Daily HCG subcutaneous injections for 3, 4, 5 or 6 weeks
  2. Low calorie daily diet consisting of specific foods (500 to 700 cal/day)
  3. Daily walking or low impact exercises for 30 minutes
  4. Pharmaceutical nutrition and supplements for the duration of the program

Stages of the HCG Protocol program:

Patient Assessment

Before starting the HCG diet the patient must have a medical consultation to assess the
suitability for the program. During this consultation a thorough history and physical
examination will be performed. Patients need to have a set of blood tests performed prior
to starting the treatment. Ideally the body composition analysis is done prior to the diet
in order to determine the surplus amount of abnormal fat and the muscle mass.

Phase 1: Preparation

In preparation for the HCG diet, one week prior to starting the daily HCG injections the patients must:

  • take daily supplements of vitamins, minerals and supplements as advised
  • start eliminating the “bad ” foods from the diet(processed foods, sugar added, artificial additives, colorants, preservatives, alcohol, etc)
  • shop for the “good “foods from the lists provided
  • start recording their food diary in order to become accustomed with calorie counting
  • familiarize with the HCG diet principles
  • ensure that all the toxin elimination portals are working: bowel preparation, hydration, alkalization.

Phase 2: Daily HCG injections and low calorie diet

This stage must last at least 21 days for the hypothalamus to re-set the body’s metabolic rate.
The length of the program is determined by the amount of fat that needs to be lost.
The maximum length of time is 6 weeks.

  • Day 1 and 2: morning injections of HCG. During these first 2 days patients are
    advised to increase their fat intake (“gorge”) in order to prepare the
    hypothalamus for the task ahead.
  • On Day 3 patients must start the low calories/day diet in addition to the injections.
  • The combination of injections and the restricted calorie diet must continue until
    day 21, 28, or 42 depending on how many weeks have been agreed on.
  • Following the last HCG injection, the patient must continue the 500 calories diet
    for two more days. This is an essential part of the diet because it appears that if
    patients start eating normally while HCG is still in the body, they put on weight
    alarmingly fast at the end of the treatment.
  • During this stage the patients must continue taking the supplements.
  • Patients must drink a minimum of 2.5 litres of fluid throughout the day..
  • It is recommended that while avoiding strenuous exercise, patients must do 30
    minutes a day of light, low impact exercise and walking. Exercise likely to raise the heart rate
    above 100 beats/minute is not advised.

Phase 3: Stabilisation

Re-introducing foods, adding new foods, and increasing your food in-take

We learned from our experience that the importance of this stage cannot be underestimated.

This is a very important part of the diet as this is your stabilisation phase to keep the weight off,
maintain, and educate yourself to a healthy lifetime eating plan. Just as an extra bonus, you
may find you will lose a little more weight over the first few weeks.

From a psychological point of view this is the hardest stage for most people. After the success
of the diet (which I rate “high”) we are now eager to eat more, eat better, drink alcohol and
socialize. For some people, the red light turns green to allow the return to the old habits.
Other people are afraid to eat and continue to starve themselves until the primal instincts
take over and they start binging.

It is my personal experience as a HCG dieter an as a Diet4Shape practitioner that this is the
stage that “makes it or breaks it”.

The Introduction Phase works by allowing you to begin introducing other foods that you were
not able to eat whilst on your 500 calorie daily intake.

For some people this is the stage of transition to a normal and hopefully healthier diet and lifestyle.

For patients that have not reached the target weight, we offer a detailed six weeks stabilization program
before they commit to the next stage.

In this stage an individualised eating plan will be recommended. This will take into account the state of
health of each patient. The blood tests may be repeated. Other tests may be ordered. The causes of weight
gain will be addressed.

What to Recommend: 

  • Write a shopping list and store the appropriate foods
  • Prepare meals and portions
  • Prepare snacks
  • Write and display lists of foods allowed and foods not allowed
  • Eat small portions, chewing well and enjoying every mouthful
  • Re-introduce foods gradually, one category at a time and watch
    for adverse symptoms.
  • This may indicate food allergies or
    intolerances that deserve further investigations.
  • Keep weighing yourself daily to monitor your weight.
  • This Phase is very different for everybody due to our individuality – the impact
    of the foods introduced will be different in all cases as no two bodies are exactly
    Make sure you have some fun with this phase and remember you are on a
    healthier eating plan now, so you will still need to be mindful of harmful foods
    such as added sugars, refined carbohydrates, and unhealthy fats

Phase 4: Maintenance

Once you have completed the Diet4Shape HCG weight loss program, maintaining the weight
loss is imperative.

Several areas of your life must be thoroughly assessed and balanced:

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Hormone Balance
  4. Stress Management
  5. Gut Health
  6. Toxicity

At the end of the program we recommend that at this stage of your life you take the opportunity to re-assess
the above areas.

Our team of health professionals are fully qualified to provide support you identify and remove the obstacles
to maintain a healthy body composition.

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