Diagnostic Testing

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At the Diet4Shape Clinic we perform diagnostic tests that exceed the norm in order to detect the earliest signs of illness and identify hormonal and nutritional deficiencies that can put your body out of balance and cause it to function less than optimally.

Often people start feeling unwell due to imbalances that are not picked up in the conventional tests. Often they see medical practitioners who are not able to explain their symptoms. Early detection of body imbalances is the key to disease prevention.

In the beginning a disease is hard to diagnose and easy to treat. Later, it is easy to diagnose and difficult to treat

If you are experiencing symptoms that prevent you from being your best, Dr Bitlan can organize a series of diagnostic tests, which may include:

1. Hormonal Testing( blood, urinary or salivary adrenal, thyroid and sex hormones or their metabolites)

2. Genetic Testing to detect predisposition to diseases or imbalances and enable us to correct them. This is an emerging field on the road to personalized medicine: we can prescribe lifestyle programs and supplements based on your own DNA reading.

3. OligoScan mineral and heavy metal toxicity profile

4. Food sensitivity Testing

5. Full nutritional status :minerals, vitamins, protein, fatty acids

6. Diet4Shape gut health profile: stool analysis, calprotectin, celiac disease screen, food intolerances, intestinal transit scan, enzyme deficiencies

7. Diet4Shape Bone Health profile: Bone Density or full Body DEXA Scan, Ionised calcium, Phosphate, vitamin D, markers of Bone Turnover

8. Diet4Shape Cardio-Metabolic Profile: Insulin, BSL, AGEs, ECG, fibrinogen, homocysteine, MTHFR, hsCRP, lipids, apolipoproteins, omega3index, anti-oxidant reserve, inflammatory profile

9. Diet4Shape Cancer screening: cancer markers, sex hormone metabolites, methylation profile, DNA oxidation

10. Diet4Shape Anti-Ageing Prevention Panel

Dr Bitlan will recommend the tests that are appropriate for you and will explain your test results. Once a diagnosis has been made, Dr Bitlan will create a management plan for you. This may include lifestyle and targeted supplement prescriptions. Dr Bitlan and her team will continue to monitor your progress and track the effectiveness of the program throughout the duration of the treatment.

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