Combat Hunger on HCG Diet

HCG Diet – “500 calories a day” I will not be able to manage , I will be starving…… Not true!


There is no doubt that 500 calories a day represent a severe restriction. It is only natural to experience anxiety at the start of the program.

Diet4Shape program comes with supplements that ensure that your body will not become nutritionally depleted while the HCG injections genuinely suppress your appetite . Feeling hungry should be minimal and only in the first few days of your diet.

Diet4Shape hints to combat hunger during the HCG diet fat loss program

· Prepare for your program and be organised : this is the main determinant of success .

Before embarking on the Diet4Shape HCG diet program make a weekly menu. Print a copy and display on the fridge. You can use to count the daily calories. Shop and divide the food for each planned meal. You may cook foods and store in the freezer. Just knowing that you are organised and each meal is prepared will do a lot to alleviate your anxiety. You are in control!

· To assist with not feeling hungry ensure you drink a minimum of 2 litres of fluids and preferably 3 litres plus.


Did you know the majority of the time you feel hungry your body is actually thirsty? Yes that’s right so have a drink of water and see if that sates your appetite.

Make yourself a pot of herbal tea as it is hot and you sip it, it takes longer to drink and fills you up. This is very good at night and also it will relax you and help you go to sleep so choose a camomile or peppermint tea.

Try mixing soda water with ice, lemon juice, 1 spoon of Stevia and 1/2 teaspoon of chilli powder , few leaves of mint. Drink it off the best wine glass you have. A real treat!!!

· Use Konjac noodles in your cooking.

Konjac noodles come in all shapes and sizes this day. Look in your health food isle in Coles or Woolworths for Slendier Konjac noodles as pictured below. You can add half a packet to each of your meals and its only 10 calories.

HCG Diet goodies

Tip : make sure you rinse them well before adding to your food. Then you can mix them with meat, sauces and vegetables.

· Eat plenty of GREENS : green beans, broccoli, cucumber, zucchini, lettuce, kale, spinach etc.

These are not only full of vitamins but can be very filling due to the high fibre content.

Don’t forget your free foods on the list although you have to count the calories you should have enough in your daily allowances to cover them. They only add up to approximately 20-30 calories so make a little side salad to start your meal just like all the Europeans do.

· Increase the volume of the dish by cooking your meat and vegetables as a soup. Be creative and add the herbs of your choice. Serve warm during the winter cold.

· Spoil yourself with Aeroplane Jelly .

Aeroplane Jelly Lite is the recommended brand . Use it by itself or combined with fruit and extend your dessert. This also will help if you are having sugar cravings.

Great deserts for HCG diet

· Call or e-mail us if you experience difficulties or any adverse effects.

By all means if you are not managing call us to discuss as it may be how you are administering your diet or if you are not following correctly. We are here to help and make your diet run as smooth as possible.

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