Body Composition – Why it matters!!

Although the general public has predominantly focused on total weight versus height, aesthetically we want to look
thin in order to look healthy. But, thin can still be fat!

By analyzing body composition, it is possible to assess how much of your weight is fat, water, skeletal mass, and
active tissue (or ATM which is skeletal muscle and organs).




The more active tissue we have, and the better its ability to function well, the higher our metabolic rate,
therefore, our ability to burn calories and fat, plus the more effective our immune system and healing
capacity will be.

On the flip side, the more bodyfat we have, especially around our torso and vital organs, the more our
inflammation, toxicity, hormonal imbalance, cardio vascular, chronic disease, and metabolic risks increase.
And to top it off, the faster we age, both on the inside and out!


Participating in a HcG weightloss diet activates ketosis which, through extensive scientific research,
has proven to provide lasting weight / fatloss, as well as improving blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity
and many other metabolic risk factors.

Lifestyle habits got you to where you are, now HcG, followed by ongoing improved nutrition, healthier
food choices, new lifestyle habits and long term behavioural change can start to turn back the clock to a
happier, healthier, more energetic You.

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